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6 / Carindale Property Trust

Annual Report 2015

Westfield Carindale Community and Environment


Westfield Carindale’s role in the local community

has always been a key focus for the centre’s

marketing activities, with a range of programs

implemented in 2014 reinforcing the community


In line with Scentre Group’s well-established

program providing support to the families of

children with disabilities, Westfield Carindale

continued its work with community partner Spina

Bifida Hydrocephalus QLD primarily through

the Scentre Group national Give Ability Day.

The initiative provided a variety of in-centre

entertainment and also raised much-needed


Westfield Carindale continued its partnership

with the Queensland Ballet, generating a number

of in-centre events and exhibitions tailored to the

trade area demographic. The partnership, which

commenced in 2013, has established a meaningful

connection between Westfield Carindale and the

arts sector in Queensland. During the year a

number of activities have been generated thanks

to the partnership including Queensland Ballet

costume displays incorporated into visual

merchandising displays in centre, and ballet

classes for school holiday entertainment.

A number of long-term programs remain in place

at Westfield Carindale, providing the community

with welcome activities and services like mall-

walking, Justice-of-the-Peace services and

children’s entertainment.