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3.4 Whistleblower Policy

Scentre Group has adopted a Whistleblower Policy to ensure that any

concerns regarding unethical, unlawful or improper conduct can be

raised without fear of reprisal.

Under the policy, the Group has appointed Whistleblower Protection

Officers for Australia and New Zealand. Employees are encouraged

to report any genuine matter or behaviour that they honestly believe

contravenes the Group’s code of conduct, policies or the law. Such

matters include any actual or suspected:

– conduct or practices which are illegal;

– corrupt activities;

– theft or fraud;

– misleading or deceptive conduct of any kind; and

– harm to public health or safety or the health or safety of any Scentre

Group employee.

The Group has in place procedures under which all reported concerns

will be appropriately investigated. If applicable, feedback is provided

regarding the investigation’s outcome. Where no action is undertaken

in connection with a report, an explanation would be provided. Where

appropriate, a third party may be engaged to assist in the investigation.

Reports are provided on a 6 monthly basis to the Audit and Risk

Committee summarising the whistleblower activities for the period.

3.5 Diversity

Neither the Trust nor the Responsible Entity have any employees or had

any employees during the financial year. During the financial year, the

operations of the Trust were undertaken by Scentre Group executives

and employees. While, as an externally managed entity, the Trust is

not required to report on diversity, Scentre Group’s diversity policy

and measures for the 2014 financial year were as outlined in Scentre

Group’s corporate governance statement in its 2014 Annual Report

which can be accessed at

4. Disclosure and communication

4.1 Continuous Disclosure and Communications Policy

The Responsible Entity is committed to providing members with

comprehensive, timely and equal access to information about its

activities to enable them to make informed investment decisions.

Scentre Group’s Continuous Disclosure and Communications Policy

underlines the Board’s commitment to ensuring that the Trust’s

members and the market are provided with the same access to high

quality, relevant and accurate information regarding its activities in a

timely manner and that investors are able to trade in units in the Trust

in a market which is efficient, competitive and informed as well as

ensuring that market participants have an equal opportunity to review

and assess information disclosed by the Trust. The Responsible Entity

is also committed to complying with continuous disclosure obligations

contained in the applicable ASX Listing Rules and the Corporations Act.

The Policy includes a comprehensive vetting and authorisation process

to ensure that all disclosures are factual, do not omit material matters

and are expressed in a clear and objective manner. The Policy also

outlines how the Trust identifies and disseminates information to

members and the market generally.

The Continuous Disclosure and Communications Policy is published in

the corporate governance section of the Trust’s website.

4.2 Communications with Members

The Trust monitors and continues to utilise a range of communication

approaches including direct communications with members and

publication of all relevant member information on the Trust’s website,

The Trust website forms a key part of its communication platform to

members and the broader investment community. Current and past

media releases and interim and full year financial reports are available

for review on the website. These announcements and reports continue

to be posted on the Trust’s website immediately after they have been

released to the market.

Members are encouraged to contact the Trust at any time via the

Investor Relations team.

To assist with the Trust’s commitment to the environment (as well as

being more cost efficient), members are strongly encouraged to access

the annual reports online and receive communications electronically.

A printed copy of this Annual Financial Report will only be sent to those

members who have elected to receive it. Otherwise members will be

notified when the Annual Report is available to be accessed online at

the Trust’s website.

Corporate Governance Statement (continued)